Solving Problems through Digital Solutions in India – Debendra Prasad, Founder Creatisoul and AssureShift

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In this episode, Debendra Prasad, an Indian entrepreneur, discusses his entrepreneurial journey and the changing landscape of entrepreneurship in India. Debendra started his web development and digital marketing company, Creatisoul, in 2014 to have the freedom to accept challenges and solve problems on his own terms. Subsequently, Debendra also founded AssureShift, an online platform that connects customers with trusted local moving and shifting service providers. He emphasizes the importance of solving problem and providing value.

Episode Summary

Debendra Prasad, an Indian entrepreneur, discusses his journey and the changing landscape of entrepreneurship in India. He started his web development and digital marketing company, Creatisoul, in 2014 to have the freedom to accept challenges and solve problems on his own terms. Prasad shares his experience in starting AssureShift, a platform that connects customers with trusted moving and shifting service providers. He emphasizes the importance of providing value and solving critical problems in the industry. Prasad discusses his plans for future expansion, including the launch of an app for customers to book various home-related services. He also highlights the limitations and potential opportunities of AI tools in web development and digital marketing. Prasad’s advice for entrepreneurs is to follow their ideas, stay prepared during good times, practice patience during bad times, and maintain focus and belief in their work.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, Sushant welcomes Debendra Prasad to the show and discusses his background as an Indian entrepreneur. Prasad explains that entrepreneurship was not widely accepted in Indian homes when he started, but it is gradually changing. He started CreatiSoul in 2014 because he wanted the freedom to accept challenges and solve problems on his own terms. Despite having a background in biochemistry, he was fascinated by the ability to access information and learning online. This led him to start a web development and digital marketing company, CreatiSoul. Prasad’s family has been supportive, although he did face some skepticism from friends and relatives. Overall, the interview highlights the changing landscape of entrepreneurship in India and Prasad’s motivation to start his own business.
  • 00:05:00 In this section, the speaker discusses how they were inspired to create an e-learning platform to provide education for free or paid versions of different courses and exams. They learned web development skills themselves and initially gained clients through local referrals and word of mouth. Eventually, they moved to Bangalore and partnered with someone in marketing to bring in more clients, with a focus on the real estate industry. However, they also mention that they are open to helping any business that they believe they can provide value to. Overall, their specialty lies in real estate, but they have developed a unique funnel that sets them apart.
  • 00:10:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the problem faced by real estate clients in managing their list of interested buyers. To solve this problem, they have implemented a form on their real estate website where clients can input their requirements, such as property type, square footage, and location. When a property becomes available, their system automatically searches the database and sends relevant property notifications to the matching clients. Additionally, they highlight their website’s SEO-friendly nature, which has helped them rank highly for competitive keywords. The speaker then goes on to discuss their second business, AssureShift, which connects customers with moving and shifting service providers. They have partnered with moving companies in multiple cities and provide a platform for customers to compare and choose from verified service providers. The idea for this business came from their experience working in the relocation industry and observing the difficulties in finding trustworthy moving companies.
  • 00:15:00 In this section, the speaker explains how their platform, AssureShift, verifies and enrolls shifting providers by conducting due diligence either by physically visiting their location or through video calls and live location sharing. They mention that there is competition in the industry, with big players like G-Style, NoBroker, Urban Company, and Agarwal Packers already in the market. However, AssureShift differentiates itself by charging lower fees for moving companies and providing direct connections between customers and service providers. The speaker also mentions that they spend their time focusing on AssureShift and solving critical problems, delegating tasks related to web development to their team. Regarding the app, they explain that while they have an app for service providers, they have not developed one for customers as the need for moving services arises when necessary and not through promotional offers or discounts. However, they do mention considering introducing other services and potentially developing an app in the future.
  • 00:20:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the expansion of their service offerings to include interior designing, home cleaning, pest control, and other home-related services. They mention their plans to launch an app for customers to book these services. The team currently consists of a manager, customer support team, project manager, content writers, analysts, digital marketers, graphic designers, and web developers. When asked about their learnings as an entrepreneur, they emphasize that pursuing entrepreneurship is an individual choice and advise others to follow their ideas if they believe in them. They also mention the potential rewards and the importance of taking risks. Regarding the web development and marketing industry, they acknowledge the competition in India but believe that providing high-quality services can help acquire and retain customers. They mention the emergence of AI tools but still see a demand for web development and digital marketing services.
  • 00:25:00 In this section, Debendra Prasad discusses the limitations of using AI tools for website creation compared to having a good user experience. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and properly utilizing AI, as it is a powerful tool that requires skillful handling. He also highlights the potential opportunities that AI tools bring, such as chatbots and keyword research, which can help businesses improve and grow. Debendra shares a case study of a realtor client from Bangalore who wanted to grow organically through search engine rankings and efficient property management. With the help of a fast-loading, SEO-friendly, and automated website, the client was able to successfully manage their properties, notify customers about new listings, and improve their search engine rankings.
  • 00:30:00 In this section, Debendra Prasad discusses his future vision for his businesses. For CreatiSoul, he plans to provide industry-specific solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to access top-quality software and system solutions at a more affordable price. He also intends to focus on improving customer experience and expanding services for SarthShift. In terms of lessons learned, Prasad emphasizes the importance of staying prepared during good times and practicing patience during bad times. He advises entrepreneurs to maintain focus and belief in their work regardless of the circumstances. Prasad also shares his excitement about developing custom chatbots that can streamline communication between businesses and their customers or employees. Additionally, he recommends staying observant and focused as the best way to learn and grow.
  • 00:35:00 In this section, the speaker talks about an app called Myro that allows users to create and organize their ideas by drawing mind maps and creating tables. They also mention how Google is thinking of integrating AI into their existing tools to improve them. The entrepreneur they look up to is Ratan Tata, praising his commitment and dedication to his work. When asked about advice for networking, the speaker suggests listening and trying to help others. The best business advice they have received and would give to others is to not take success for granted and to continue working hard. They also mention that their company focuses on solving new problems and serving customers. Currently, they work with Indian businesses but have plans to expand internationally.
  • 00:40:00 In this section, Debendra Prasad shares his contact information for anyone interested in connecting with him, either through his website or by emailing him at De theof The interviewer expresses gratitude for the conversation, describing it as enjoyable and informative, and extends well wishes for Debendra’s future business endeavors.
  • 01:00:00 In this section, the speaker discusses the importance of having a unique selling point for a product or brand. They explain that uniqueness does not necessarily mean inventing something completely new, but rather finding a way to differentiate yourself from competitors. The example of Burger King is given, where although they are unique in their own right, other burger shops have imitated them enough to become competitors. The speaker emphasizes the need to create a brand that stands out and appeals to consumers, using McDonald’s as another example whose slogan is unique. They conclude by thanking the speaker for sharing their story and offering well wishes for their future invention journey and business endeavors.

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  • AI Chatbots
  • MIRO
  • Google

What You’ll Learn

Interview with Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul

[00:00:08] Introduction
[00:00:57] Welcoming Debendra Prasad
[00:01:26] Entrepreneurship in India
[00:03:00] Starting Creatisoul
[00:04:00] Background in Web Development and Marketing
[00:06:00] Learning Skills and Starting the Business
[00:07:00] Finding First Clients
[00:09:00] Focus on Industry and Unique Solutions
[00:12:00] Starting AssureShift
[00:14:00] Connecting Customers with Shifting Providers
[00:15:14] Due Diligence for Shifting Providers
[00:16:00] Competition and Marketing Strategy
[00:17:45] Revenue and Time Management
[00:18:29] Mobile App for AssureShift
[00:20:00] Expanding Service Offerings
[00:21:00] Team Structure
[00:22:29] Advice for Entrepreneurs
[00:24:00] Future of Web Development and Digital Marketing
[00:27:51] Helping Clients Grow with Web Development and Digital Marketing
[00:30:20] Future Vision for Creatisoul and AssureShift
[00:32:11] Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur
[00:34:00] One Book Recommendation for Entrepreneurs
[00:35:00] Innovative Product or Idea: AI Chatbots
[00:35:43] Startup or Business Doing Great Things: Google
[00:36:26] Role Model or Inspirational Figure: Elon Musk
[00:37:21] Networking and Building Relationships in Business
[00:38:46] Wrapping Up and Contact Information

Rapid Fire

In this segment, the guest will answer a few questions quickly in one or two sentences.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul

  1. Book recommendation that you would make to entrepreneurs or business professionals (Response:)
  2. An innovative product or idea in the current e-commerce retail or tech landscape that you feel excited about (Response: AI Chatbots)
  3. A business or productivity tool or software that you would recommend/Productivity Tip. (Response: MIRO)
  4. A startup or business (in ecommerce, retail, or tech) that you think is currently doing great things. (Response: Google)
  5. A peer entrepreneur or businessperson whom you look up to or someone who inspires you (Response: Elon Musk)
  6. One networking tip or building and sustaining valuable professional relationships.
  7. Best business advice you ever received (Response: The best business advice is not to assume that good times will last forever or that success is guaranteed; instead, it’s crucial to recognize that hard work and favorable circumstances have led to your success, and if you stop working or fail to grow, you risk losing it all.)

Interview Transcript

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Hey there, entrepreneurs. My name is Sushant and welcome to TrepTalks. Today I’m really excited to welcome Debendra Prasad to the show. Debendra is the founder of two companies, CreatiSoul and AssureShift. Uh, CreatiSoul is a web development and digital marketing company, and Assure Shift is an online moving company directory for finding nearby professional packers and movers in Delhi and other metro cities in India.

Uh, so I’m going to be talking to him about both of these companies and, uh, also we’ll be asking him a few questions about his entrepreneur story and some of the ways his businesses provide value to their clients. So Debendra, thank you so much and welcome for joining me today at Treptalks really appreciate

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: your time.

Yeah. Thank you. Thank [00:01:00] you very much for inviting me. And, uh, I’m also very much excited to share my story and, uh, have a good discussion

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: with you. So, you know, you are an Indian entrepreneur and, um, uh, In a way, I would say entrepreneurship in India, is it difficult? Is it easy now? Can you share a little bit about your story and what really motivated

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: you?

Progressively, it’s yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So it’s progressively like it’s becoming a little bit, a little bit more acceptable in Indian homes. But early when I started, so it was It’s a little more difficult than now. And uh, like, uh, getting a job, good job in good company is the first, like the topmost priority.

Like this is the thing you should do. Like other parts taking, like, uh, inventing your own way is not that much, uh, acceptable and [00:02:00] that much, not welcoming. Our homes. Mm-hmm. homes. But, uh, yeah, slowly it’s gradually it’s changing. And, uh, I also face difficulty, but, uh, uh, not from my own family, from my, uh, like, uh, friends and, uh, this relatives, those people.

But, uh, my friend, my family were, uh, quite, uh, supportive and, uh, they were believing in me from the day of my birth. I think , I think with,

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: yeah. I think it’s so true. I mean, being an Indian myself, I think Indian culture is, uh, a little bit risk averse. So, you know, they want you to get a stable job rather than figure out your own business.

That’s a little bit more risky. I, so I definitely hear, hear, uh, that, but, uh, what, what really motivated you to kind of go on your own and what motivated you to start? Um, I think you started, uh, Create It Soul first, right? [00:03:00]

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, yeah. In 2014, I started CreativeSoul and, uh, this thing, uh, the main, um, motivation thing was that, uh, uh, my nature, my nature is that my, uh, to accept the problems, accept the challenges and solve the problems.

So, um, I thought like in any job, like I will not be completely free to like take the challenge. Take my own challenge, which I think that this is like worth enough investing time and also apply my own solution of that. So that is the thing I thought, look, um, if I want to do this thing, so this, uh, entrepreneurial journey is the only way, uh, which provides me that facility.

So that was my driving force. So this is it. And then I started in 2014 and then it went through.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: What is, um, so Creative Soul is a, [00:04:00] um, a digital marketing and a web development company. Um, did you have a background in this, these areas? And, um, why did you choose to start a, like a web development or digital marketing kind of a…

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah. So, uh, that story is, uh, interesting. And, uh, actually I’m from, uh, biochemistry background, and I have done my master’s in biochemistry. And, uh, I had also, uh, uh, like we’re preparing for next national LGBT test that is for PhD. So during that time, that was, uh, uh, year 2011. So in that time, I was quite fascinated about, uh, the fact that we can get information, like we can get learning from top teachers in the world, from anywhere in the world.

Uh, Like in, like in your laptop, in your mobile, we can take that information. So, so that’s excited me like a lot, like, like this [00:05:00] is, uh, like very game changing. Like one time we have recorded a good course, good session, and that can be delivered to millions and billions of people. So that, but in earlier days that in 2011 it was not that much.

This e-learning platforms were not, not that much popular. So I thought, uh, okay, let’s, uh, uh, like why, why can’t we build that kind of platform where, uh, we can provide, uh, education for like, uh, free for. Or like paid also like some free and some paid lessons for four different courses for different exams for different kind of skill sets.

So that inspired me. And but I didn’t have money. And also, I didn’t have the skills to do that. So I took one and a half year of time, one and a half to two years of time, and then I learned it by myself. I learned, I started with Simple, like how [00:06:00] normally people start, uh, web development, WordPress, GenZoomla, then Drupal, and then learning PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, everything by myself.

But when I found Drupal, it was, uh, like, uh, my idea, like I can build custom, uh, complex, uh, Websites, web apps, using that. So that, give me some, uh, uh, this, uh, hope that, okay, I can do something in that. And, uh, uh, obviously, uh, this thing, uh, the observation skill was good. My observation skill is good. So I was, uh, able to quickly learn it.

So it took me one and a half year to two years time, and then I learned it and then I started,

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: um, so, so, I mean, so you learned the skill yourself and then you started your business. Um, what, what, what next? Did you, uh, go out and start marketing and try to figure out how to [00:07:00] get new clients? How did you get your

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: first client?

actually I got, uh, in my hometown that is, uh, in West Bengal. So that is, uh, that was a small, uh, client only, like, uh, developing for, uh, uh, college, a website for a college. And then after I got, uh, this, uh, uh, developing web app for MLM marketing. Uh, the site. So those I got from, uh, local referral friends, referral and word of mouth.

So why that I got that, but soon I realized that, okay, like this clients are not, uh, putting that much effort on their businesses. They don’t care about much about their websites. So I thought I need those kind of businesses, which actually care about their businesses and which actually wants to grow their business to whom only I will be able to help which who wants to grow, who doesn’t who doesn’t have that kind of [00:08:00] hunger, if I provide that kind of service, so they will not value it.

So I moved to Bangalore. A very good friend was here, so he helped me and then, uh, uh, we, uh, like, uh, also via that friend, I met another friend who were in marketing this thing. So then together we thought, okay, I can develop websites and you can market, you can bring customers. So let’s work together. And, uh, he had already.

Uh, one client, uh, regarding real estate. So, uh, they were providing, they were a real estate agency and, uh, they were, uh, like providing the sales for, uh, properties for sales and rent in the, uh, North and Bangalore. So with that client, we started and then, uh, like, uh, soon we started getting from referral and word of mouth and little bit of, uh, uh, social media marketing, uh, we got our [00:09:00] clients.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: So right now, do you focus on, you know, for your web development and marketing business? Do you focus on like a certain industry of clients that you serve or you’re kind of agnostic industry agnostic? You could, you, you will help anybody that you think is. Looking for growth, um, you’re willing to help anybody or you’re like, you know, I’m going to help only real estate businesses because that’s where our specialization is.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: It’s, uh, like if I think that, okay, that, uh, if any business we can provide value or that problem is worth investing time to solve. So of course, like we invest time in that, but, uh, our specialty is, uh, in real estate and, uh, this thing. So that one in that also, we have created a very, uh, unique, uh, fun slanty, uh, which is our USB.

That is, uh, [00:10:00] uh, providing like, uh, not only how, what problem mainly people like real estate client faces that, uh, they have, they might have like a hundred, 200 people like in the list that they, they are interested in certain kind of property. But when real estate gets a notification about a certain kind of property that this is the property is available for sale or rent, then he has to go through all the list of, uh, their customer, their clients that who is matching this requirement, like who is matching the property type, who is matching the property, uh, this one BHK, two BHK or like villa or penthouse or those kinds of requirements or land, or who are matching all other like is square foot, uh, uh, space is.

required for that client. So we have solved that problem that, uh, uh, like, uh, in website of real estate, they can, uh, like implement this thing that they can create a form. We can provide a [00:11:00] form which, uh, collects the data of the user that what kind of requirements they need, like they need to BHK for BHK.

Penthouse, villa, land, what is square feet in which area of the city. And we, uh, like whenever, uh, client will post the property, then it will search through the database of all the requirements and, uh, they can like, uh, and it will be automatically going, the mail will automatically go to the relevant.

So this is one very unique problem we solved that is not quite common in real estate thing. So along with that, also like our websites are quite SEO friendly. So we have been able to rank in top competitive keyword like plots for selling backdoor sites for selling backdoor flats for selling backdoor like those kind of competitive keywords we have been able to rank our bank.

So, uh, This is our USP and, uh, but along with that also we can serve [00:12:00] other types, other

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: businesses. Okay. No, that’s very interesting though. So you, you have basically solved this problem of, um, you know, what, what the buyer is looking for and you automatically based on the properties, um, characteristics, you, you match that and you basically, uh, send out emails to that buyer so that they can come in and check out.

Okay. That’s, that’s very interesting. Um, what gave you the idea to start your second business, which is, uh, yeah. More of a, which is called a sure shift and which is kind of a moving and shifting partner. It’s, it’s to me, it seems like a platform, um, business where, you know, the shifting.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, we, we connect, we connect, uh, our customers with, uh, uh, shifting providers.

Who ever wants to move within city or from one city to another city or abroad. Also [00:13:00] like anywhere if you want to move. So we have partner moving companies in our metro cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore. So from all the places we have partner moving companies and they are registered.

Our app is also there in their mobile. So whenever our customers inquire about something like they want to move from here to there. So the newer backers must get notification that, okay, this kind of requirement is there. And they check out on their app that, okay, if they are interested to provide that service, or if they are capable to provide this, that kind of service.

So if they provide, so they, they show interest in that. And, uh, all lead can be, uh, responded by maximum three, uh, service providers. So as soon as three service providers provide this thing, uh, like respond to a lead. So, uh, it fills up and as, uh, customers and, uh, customers also get notification about the backers and was [00:14:00] that, okay, these are the back end, whether these are the relocation service providers who, uh, whose own interest in me.

And they are also, we also send the profile link so they can, Customers can check the ratings and reviews. Upon that, uh, service providers. So from one place, they are, the customers have been able to compare, uh, service provider like multiple service providers who are already verified and already you can check, uh, their ratings reviews also from one place.

So, uh, this is the thing and the inspiration, that idea came from that, uh, we have been working with, uh, multiple, uh, this location industry clients. And, uh, from there we. Found out this problem that, uh, uh, connecting, like, uh, or in early days when we started, it was finding companies was very difficult. Like there were a lot of stamps where the, like, so we thought that, okay, we’ll verify by ourselves.

So we sent our person, we verified their office [00:15:00] for and every like their vehicles. physically and then after we enroll them in our portal and then we provide, we have been able to provide safe and secure and, uh, economical, uh, shifting services.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: That is very interesting. So any, uh, shifting provider that, um, enrolls on your site, you do, you do due diligence by going to their place.

Um, yeah, yeah. And, and making,

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: making sure it is. Yeah, if it is in Metro City, we send out people. If it is in far remote areas, then we verify via, uh, like, uh, this, uh, call, video call and also via sending, uh, this, uh, live location, those kind of thing. So via that, we verify those things. But in Metro Cities, we verify by phone physically.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Okay. And so, I mean, this is a very interesting business. Is there a huge demand in the Indian market [00:16:00] for something like this? And are there other similar platforms that provide these kind of services already there? Like, do you have competition? And how are you, how are you kind of marketing your service?

Uh to the customers.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, there will be competition in every industry. There are companies and so and we have also a very big players are there And like uh, gel style is there no broker is there other company other wallpack customers? Like those big players are there and but we have our also usb that we uh Charge very less from the moving companies and also, uh, we provide direct connect from customers to service provider that they can also like, it’s not required mandatory that, uh, they have to, uh, like go through vias.

If we have verified moving companies, we saw the verified tag is there on their profile. [00:17:00] And you can directly also connect with the service provider. So that is our thing. So we, uh, minimize the friction and we like, uh, follow the thing that the process which customer actually wants, but yeah, we have companies and, and a very big place as I named them.

So they are there. Okay.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Um, Yeah. Thank you. Do you, uh, in terms of your like revenue is, is this, is the platform business a sure shift, a bigger business versus like your other web development company, or is it still kind of growing? Um, and how much time do you spend kind of managing? The two different businesses, where do you focus your time?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, it depends upon the necessity, where is more necessity I could focus. And for web development, I have also my team, in my team, my project manager, content writer, SEO, digital [00:18:00] marketing guy, SEO analyst, and graphic designer and developer. All those peoples are there. So, uh, I delegate those tasks to them that, uh, so project manager mainly handles if a critical project comes, then I solve, I invest my time in solving that.

Uh, and mostly I focus on a sure shift and solving critical problems. And, uh, that is my team. If, uh, we have developed a certain kind of product, certain kind of solutions. So that is, uh, kind of already developed and new future enhancement. Do like a monthly meeting that, okay, what feature enhancement we can do in this kind of solution.

So those things we do and, uh, according to priority, we, uh, manager.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Okay, um, for a sure shift. Do you also are you planning to have an app kind of a thing also because I’m assuming most people these days are, you know, on their [00:19:00] phones. And if they’re looking for someone, it’s probably easier to just go on an app.

Is that something you already have? Or is that something that you’re planning in the future?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, we have an app for our vendors, like our service providers, but actually, uh, in our, uh, on this packing moving thing, uh, people, uh, are required to move. The people will actually think about shifting or about a relocation service provider whenever they need it.

It’s not a service which I can. Give you a 50 percent discount or a very good service or anything, any kind of offer and you think, okay, let’s move. Okay. So it’s not that kind of thing. So it’s upon the necessity, when necessity will come, people will search for that. Okay. So that is the thing. So that’s why we have not focused, we had not focused on developing app for our customers, but very soon also we are planning to introduce our other services.

Other [00:20:00] services like, uh, interior designing, uh, service providers, or home cleaning, or pest control, or electricity and plumber, like home related services. After moving, you need, you’ll need to clean your home, or you need to fix some plumbing issue, or electricity issue, or interior designing, those kind of things.

So those kind of related services we are planning to launch in coming days. And, uh, at that time, we are also planning to launch our app for customers.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: That makes a lot of sense. I mean, you, you kind of expanding your service offering to other, um, uh, service providers as well. And I think that will make your, I think that will help to drive, uh, more traffic to your site.

And I think cross pollinate. So if somebody needs. One service provider and they remember your website, they’ll come back to your site and maybe, uh, you know, uh, try a different service provider as well. Um, what does your team look like right now?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Uh, so [00:21:00] in my team, uh, there is, uh, one manager and, uh, there are, uh, like, uh, one main manager is there and, uh, who manages the customer support team.

Okay. And, uh, customer support team for assertive. Okay. For connecting, like if some person has some kind of issue or someone wants to book. So you can book that for like services via call also, or you, if you have any trouble, so you can reach to our customer care. So that is one customer care team is there for assertive.

And in our development team, we have project manager. And, uh, content writers, SEO analyst, digital marketer, and graphic designer, and web developers.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Awesome. I mean, it’s it’s such an interesting thing. You know, you started out as an entrepreneur kind of because you wanted to do your own thing. And I think you’re kind of an example of an entrepreneur who, uh, who hires other people and lets [00:22:00] them do the day to day.

And you’re kind of, you know, managing the big ideas and things like that. Um, what have been some of your Um, learnings as an entrepreneur over the years that you’ve been doing it, and would you advise other Indian, uh, young people to, you know, try to pursue entrepreneurship rather than trying to look for jobs and things like that?


Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: it’s, uh, actually, I think, uh, it’s an individual choice. If you want a comfortable and settled life and you don’t want like risk and like challenges every time. So it’s like jobs also quite good. I don’t like to say that, okay, you should not do job. Then, uh, whom we will have. So, uh, this thing, but, uh, whomever voices coming like from inside that, that you have, you can do something, [00:23:00] or if you have a good idea and you believe on your idea.

Okay. Then, uh, it’s better, like, to, like, at least try it once. Otherwise you should not have regret that, okay, like you have not tried it at least once also.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: I think with, yeah, with, with, you know, I think there’s a saying, um, big risk, big reward, right? So if I think, I think with risk, there’s always a probability of failure, but the rewards are also bigger as well.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: So those were satisfactory also that, uh, this is what you wanted.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Um, How do you, you know, your business around web development and marketing, right? Yeah. This, this was new, I would say about 10 years ago, but now I’m assuming there’s so much competition in people who are [00:24:00] doing web development or digital marketing, especially in a country like India, you know, there’s, there’s so many people out there.

How do you, um, do you see. A lot of competitors and so you have to work really hard or provide like the really high quality service in order to, uh, acquire or keep a customer. Do you think that this is still a good, um, business to get into? Um, or do you see that there’s so much competition that slowly, um, and also, you know, with the new technologies like that are making it really easy to start, you know, create your own website and things like this.

And now, you know, now you have AI coming in where I think you probably just give some prompts to AI and the AI will create your site for you. How do you see the whole future of web development and digital marketing? Do you think there’s still demand?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, of course there will be demand. Creating a website [00:25:00] with AI tools, you can try any kind of those tools and you will see the result.

You should actually test it out. If you don’t test, if you created any something beautiful house, okay, it’s looking very beautiful from outside, but unless you are living there, you’ll not be able to understand that how convenient it is. For you and how, uh, how, like, uh, how you have built it. Okay. So actually use like I can challenge that, uh, creating a website from AI and creating a website from a good experience, this thing, the output will be like very much different because AI can think currently in terms of segments, AI can’t think very big picture and also connecting with the customers and like.

AI can create, give you initial input. Okay. But if you want to improve on top of that, like AI has limitations. And if you want to, AI do also AI, [00:26:00] uh, want that AI should do that things for you. So you should know AI in that regard. Like you have to know AI that much knowing like AI is a very powerful tool, Like a weapon that is depends the power of that weapon depends upon the, the skill of its master.

So, if you don’t know how to properly use the AI, then also you’ll be not able to get that kind of output and, uh, competition will be there in every business there is competition. And, uh, we, our core principle is that to help businesses to grow. If we will be able to help other businesses to grow, of course, we will be, we’ll go automatically.

So we don’t have to think on top on that. So we have to think that how we can help people to grow. And I, I see like lots of businesses are having lots of improvement is good. This when this AI [00:27:00] tools and like this chatbots and this kind of things are coming. So this is also very big new opportunity. That, uh, like, for example, in our website also on the, uh, you can, uh, chat with our chatbot AI chatbot and you can get a new topic ideas for your website, or you can get, uh, you can do your free keyword research.

You can give some industry and some primary keyword and it can give you some keyword suggestion. And also, uh, it can, it can help you or your business plan to plan your business. So like that in every industry, like this, uh, this kind of pools opens up new possibilities. So if you are able to see those possibilities, Then, of course, you will be, uh, you can outrank your, uh, this competition.


Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: sure. Um, can you think about a time in, uh, you know, maybe recently or, uh, in the recent past where, [00:28:00] um, you helped a client really, you know, they came to you for either web development or digital marketing and you helped them and it really helped their business grow. Um, any, any such case studies that you can share?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah. Uh, this is, uh, our, uh, Realtor client from Bangalore, uh, that is, uh, name is Global Realtor and, uh, they had, uh, this thing, uh, like ambition to grow organically and grow via organic search, like they wanted to rank in, uh, search engine. So, and also they wanted to manage their properties very smoothly and, uh, Also, this notifying their customers automatically whenever they are posting the property.

So whatever their customer database are already there. So they wanted to automatically send the notification to the customers. So we have been able to provide them very [00:29:00] fast loading and SEO friendly websites and easy managing websites and also automated websites like which. Takes automated actions, depending upon certain event, like someone, if someone has a Sona in request, like, uh, interest for a certain inquiry, then automatic going automatic notification and keeping that recording database.

And whenever a new property is coming, so sending automatic notification to them and connecting them, like also, uh, helping them to, uh, uh, manage their, Clients and which in which state this client is there. For which property they are showing which property to which client. So keeping all this record. So we have been able to help their businesses, uh, to properly manage their clients and, uh, reduce the, uh, manpower and also being able to rank in, uh, SEO results, Google results.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Awesome. That, that sounds great. [00:30:00] Um, What are your, so you, you mentioned that now, so right now you have two businesses, you know, you mentioned that you’re working on another project. Um, as an entrepreneur, what is your future vision for your own business and where do you see your business, uh, evolving, let’s say in the next five, 10 years?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah. Uh, for, so for Creative Soul, I want to, uh, provide, industry specific services and, uh, I want to, uh, like help, uh, the local and medium size, like a small and medium size businesses to get the top quality. Softwares and top quality system solutions, which, uh, like top companies are using those kind of, but these are, those are quite expensive.

So I want to build a, like industry specific solutions for a different industry. Like we. Currently we are built for real [00:31:00] estate industry. Next also we are planning for interior designing industry or other kind of industry also we are planning. So providing industry specific solutions like which help businesses to manage their business properly and to get Maximum amount of, uh, uh, this exposure and traffic to their website.

So, uh, this is, uh, uh, my strategy for creating. So, and for a source shift, uh, we are, uh, adding more services and also we will be doing more, uh, distal marketing in that and improving our customer experience. Uh, that is also a very, uh, core focus that, uh, improving, uh, every aspect of customer journey. So those things are our plans for coming

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: days.

Okay. In every entrepreneur’s journey, there’s always. You know, mistakes made failures, lessons learned. Um, as someone, you know, who started on [00:32:00] the entrepreneurship journey, I’m sure, you know, there were lessons learned. Can you share some of your like big lessons that that come to your mind? Um, you know, or failures that you’ve encountered?

Um, what did you learn from them? And what? What lessons can other entrepreneurs learn from your mistakes

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: that, uh, very, uh, one very core lesson I keep always in mind is that good days will not be for always and bad days will not be for office. So like when it is good, when there are good days, then. It’s the best time to prepare and then when it is bad days, then it’s the best time to keep patience and like focus on what, uh, you are doing and what

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: you believe in.

That’s, that’s such a great advice. I think, uh, you know, In life, in everything, I think there’s always, you know, it’s like a cyclical process, right up and down and, and you should, uh, you know, [00:33:00] you should not be too happy when it’s good time and too sad when it’s bad time. So, you know, I think it’s, uh, it’s such a, such a great, uh, Advice for people in general.

I think it applies to both business and personal life. Um, so that’s really great Um now i’m going to move on to our rapid fire segment in this segment I’m going to ask you a few quick questions and you have to answer them maybe in a couple of words or a sentence or so so the first one is one book recommendation for entrepreneurs Uh, and why?


Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: I have not read any book. Okay. So, I think focus and observation. If you are keeping your focus and if you are observing things, then life is the biggest book. Every day you keep learning like new things. If you keep your focus and observe things.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Definitely. I think that’s, that’s great advice. And, you know, I, uh, I come to, I come to hear that answer more and more often.

I’ve [00:34:00] known from entrepreneurs, like not every entrepreneur is like a book reader, which, which makes sense. You know, entrepreneurs are action oriented. So an innovative product or idea that you currently feel

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: excited about. Yeah, this, uh, AI chatbots are very, uh, this attractive that, uh, we can provide a single interface to, uh, like, uh, companies, uh, in house and also to the customers that, uh, they, and, uh, that will be custom, uh, kind of chatbot, which is specialized, which know your business.

And, uh, which can answer people to the customers or to the, uh, employees and they, which can, uh, reduce the time and manpower. So that is, uh, very, uh, like, uh, interesting and innovative and we should, we are also working on that. Okay.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: A business or productivity tool or software that you would recommend or a productivity tip?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah. So, [00:35:00] uh, One app I will recommend for sure that is Miro, that is whiteboard app that you can put your idea like actually you can build any kind of thing like you can draw a mind map or you can create a Kanban table. Multiple, like you can, whatever is in your mind, you can draw it on the, that ViroBot and, uh, that, uh, helps me a lot to plan my strategies and like, uh, see a big picture.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Yeah, definitely. That’s, that’s a great tool for sure. Uh, A startup or another business that you think is currently doing great things. Yeah.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: This Google is doing very good. Yeah. This, uh, Google, what, how Google is thinking to apply, uh, AI in their own products that is quite like, uh, This being an open AI is, uh, [00:36:00] they are, they have created the separate, uh, this, uh, UI, but Google is thinking to integrate AI in their existing tools and make them better.

So that is quite, uh, Like exciting to see

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: awesome. That’s, that’s it. That’s really interesting for sure. Um, a peer entrepreneur business person whom you look up to or someone who inspires you?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Okay.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Uh, he, he’s, he’s of course a big, um, Uh, a big business person in India. Yeah,

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: he’s his courage and his determination. Once he thinks that, okay, like, uh, if that goal needs to achieve, then he puts his all hundred percent that he’s like so much committed to his work. So that inspires a lot that that much of commitment and dedication is real.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: A big part of any business [00:37:00] is, is about working with people, either whether it is, you know, working with your employees or working, finding new employees or finding new customers or connecting networking with people. Do you have any advice for, uh, you know, networking or, or, you know, just connecting with new people, building relationships and so

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: forth.

Listen and try to help.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Awesome. And final question, best business advice that you ever received or you would give to other entrepreneurs.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah, best business advice, uh, will be, uh, that, uh, this, that is the same advice actually that in business also, it applies that, uh, when you have, uh, like good time, then don’t think that, okay, it’s going to stay forever.

And, uh, like you have got some magic kind of thing and whatever you will touch so that will become old. So that [00:38:00] is not the case. You had worked hard situation where also in your favor, that’s why you got the result. If you don’t work, then of course you’re going to lose it. And uh, if you are not growing, then you are shrinking.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: Definitely. I think those are great advice for sure. Uh, well, David, thank you so much. Those were all the questions that I had. Um, is there anything else that you wanted to share? Maybe that I did not cover, uh, about your business or, you know, how you’re serving your customers and so forth.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Uh, yeah, uh, actually we have covered, uh, a good amount of things and, uh, the thing is that, uh, uh, we, uh, uh, as a company we focus on, uh, mainly, uh, finding new problems and solving them.

And, uh, that is our main motto and, uh, uh, that we, uh, are, uh, I’m very excited to, uh, to sustain and, uh, that is the thing. And, uh, of [00:39:00] course we have covered all the things and, uh, there are always some room to explore so we can explore some next time.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: For sure. Uh, do you work mostly with Indian businesses or do you work with international businesses as well?

And if somebody wants to get in touch, what is the best way to connect with you?

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Uh, currently we are working in with the Indian businesses only, but, uh, we are also planning to expand in, uh, this, uh, USA and Canada and, uh, European, uh, countries and Australia and UAE. Those, uh, areas also we are planning to expand.

Uh, but, uh, currently we have worked Indian businesses and, uh, Businesses are doing quite good. So actually we didn’t got the time for that. So, uh, uh, as we, uh, expand our team, so we’ll expand our services to those areas also. And if someone wants to, uh, get in touch with us, [00:40:00] so, uh, they can go to our website, creative soul.

com and they can, uh, connect with that. And, or you can also write me a mail on Devon at the rate of creative soul. com. Thank you. So you can reach me by that. Okay.

Sushant Misra of TrepTalks: So I will definitely include that on, on the page as well. Well, Debendra, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you. Um, I mean, I’ve spoken with a few Indian entrepreneurs in the past and it’s always, uh, interesting to hear how things are in India and how people are, you know, uh, building businesses and, and entrepreneurship, uh, in general.

So thank you. It’s been a pleasure talking with you and thank you for your time, for sharing your story, for sharing your, uh, you know, Business learnings. Um, and I wish you all the very best, uh, in your future, uh, business ideas as well. So thank you so much again for joining me today at TrepTalks and I really appreciate it.

Debendra Prasad of AssureShift and Creatisoul: Yeah. Thank you.


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