• krishkrish

    Ethical Innovation: Lab-Created Diamonds – Krish Himmatramka of Do Amore

    Krish Himmatramka of Do Amore as he explores ethically sourced, high-quality rings crafted from recycled metals and diamonds. Discover the innovative approach of Do Amore, balancing social impact and affordability while discussing the emergence of lab-created diamonds. Krish also shares his personal journey transitioning from engineering to founding Do Amore, emphasizing the significance of cultural alignment and ethical principles in business partnerships.

  • NikkiNikki

    Creating a Modern and Affordable Jewelry Brand – Nikki Smith of Nikki Smith Designs

    Nikki Smith, founder of Jewelry Brand Nikki Smith Designs shares her journey of hand crafting jewelry pieces as a side-hustle when she couldn't find modern, affordable jewelry pieces to wear to work. Nikki focused on slow, organic growth and learned about customer preferences by selling at pop-up shops and farmer's market and slowly growing her product collection while focusing on profitability. Nikki talks about organic growth, retail expansion, and business lessons learned.

  • JoshJosh

    Portable Campfire with high heat output – Josh Thurmond of LavaBox

    Josh Thurmond, designer and founder of LavaBox shares how his background as a professional outdoor expeditions guide allowed him to understand what's missing with existing campfire solutions and inspired him to build something smaller, easily portable, with high heat output. LavaBox has gained good traction in the market. Josh talks about distribution strategy, bringing new products in the market, and the importance of selling.

  • scottscott

    $175K/Month – Bringing Colombian Organic and Unrefined Cane Sugar to the Western Market – Scott Unkefer of Just Panela

    Scott Unkefer, founder of Just Panela, shares the story of living in Colombia and discovering Panela Sugar in coffee shops and the health benefits compared to refined sugar widely used in the West. Scott shares his journey of bringing the product to the western market, challenges in supply chain, educating the consumer of the benefits, price point, and success on Amazon.

  • JaredJared

    $1.2M/Annual – Bringing the Bucket Bikes to the west – Jared Madsen Cycles

    Jared Madsen, founder of Madsen Cycles, shares the story of getting inspired by the Danish culture of using cargo bikes as a family transportation vehicle and deciding to bring the idea to the US. Jared shares the initial skepticism he faced from the cycling industry but forged forward anyways to build his business. Jared shares lessons learned in business, building a community, and challenges with marketing a new concept as well as shipping a large object.