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How To Use Differentiation, Customer Service and Google Adwords To Create A 800K+ Company | Brian Kaldenberg of

February 28, 20142 Comments

Brian Kaldenberg shares how he used differentiation, customer service, and google adwords to grow to $800K in revenues within 4 years.

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Guest Bio

Brian Kaldenberg is a serial entrepreneur. Brian has founded several companies including (which provides NCAA football video game rosters to more than 20,000 customer annually), ProofreadingPal (a proofreading service for the academic and business sectors), and Kaldenberg Consulting. Brian can be reached via email

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Things You Will Learn In This Interview

I really enjoyed this interview because Brian was so transparent in sharing every little details about his business as well as the strategies and tactics that he uses. An interview like this really helps you understand how to start and grow a business.

The big  lessons that I learned in this interview is that you have to find a way to differentiate your products or services from your competitors and it has to be something that has value for your customers. Also, relentless focus on customer service will pay off in the end.

Brian has been implementing Google Adwords campaigns for more than 4 years and shares how he has used it over the last 4 years as his single most important customer acquisition strategy to grow his business to $800K + in revenues. He is an expert and shares some of his Google Adwords secrets.

We also talk about creating systems because his business is ALL about systems. Also, something I found very interesting is that he has someone (an oDesk contractor) who does custom software development fro him on an ongoing basis which makes his business efficient all the time. Some of the questions and topics we discuss are as follows:

1. How did he get the idea to start and was there an idea validation process?

2. How has his revenues grown over the last 4 years?

3. Why has his company not been profitable just yet and what is the biggest bottleneck?

4. Why does Brian relentlessly focus on providing 24/7 365 days customer service and wants to ensure that his customers are always satisfied?

5. What customer service tools does his company use?

6. What is the overall business model of his company and how his company makes money?

7. How many employees contractors does he have and what is the process for hiring proofreaders?

8. What has been his most successful marketing channel (it is Google Adwords) and what strategies and tactics does he use to successfully acquire customers?

9. How is Facebook ads different from Google Adwords, why have Facebook ads not been profitable for his company?

10. Lessons in creating systems

11. How does Brian goes about getting custom software work done for his company?

and a lot more…you don’t want to miss this one…a lot of great lessons.

Tweetable Quotes from this Interview!

Click to Tweet>>>> On the internet your reputation (ratings and reviews) is very important.

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. Comm100

2. Salesforce

3. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads

4. Basecamp

Your Turn>>

Do you use Google Adwords or Facebook ads in your business? What has been your experience with it?

How To Use Differentiation, Customer Service and Google Adwords To Create A 800K+ Company | Brian Kaldenberg of

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  • Trep Talks

    Thanks Brian for sharing all the great info with us. Got to learn a lot from your story and lessons!

  • Brian Kaldenberg

    Thanks for having me. It was a pleasure to be on your show.

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