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Thank you for your interest in writing for TrepTalks.

We are frequently contacted by a variety of web publishers, authors, bloggers as well as marketing agencies for the opportunity to publish content on TrepTalks.

We currently have different options available:

Posts on topics related to Email Marketing

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise in relation to email marketing with the TrepTalks community, we will gladly accept and publish high-quality articles. Kindly get in touch at [email protected] with your idea (including 2-3 solid headlines for the post) and a brief outline of your post.

Writing a high quality post will be a collaborative process and will require atleast 15-20 hours commitment on your part.

You may also choose to create a course and earn income instead of simply writing a blog post. Visit this page for more information on creating courses at TrepTalks.

Web/Marketing Agencies and SEO

If you are getting in touch for the purpose of publishing content specifically for generating SEO links for your clients, we are happy to accommodate. Please see which options works best for you:

Paid Option: With the paid option you pay $50US and we will publish your content on the guest post section of our website with a maximum of 2 do-follow outbound links to your client's website.

You can only use 1 website per $50 payment, i.e. the two links could use 2 different anchor texts and link to two different pages on the same website.

Get in touch at [email protected] and we can provide further instructions on how to make the payment.

Free Option: With the free option, you will provide 2 permanent do-follow contextual links to our website from two different URLs with any two of the following anchor texts:

email marketing training

learn email marketing

email marketing courses

list building

how to build an email list

email list building

Once this is complete, follow up at [email protected] with the proof of links, as well as your article with the links to be posted at TrepTalks.

Do you have a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion for an alternate way to exchange value, kindly let us know at [email protected] and we will definitely review it and follow up.

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