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TrepNation is a digital entrepreneurship and online marketing blog created by the readers and members of Trep Talks. Anyone can post, and the best submissions are promoted to the main TrepTalks Blog.

How to Write (Guest Post) for TrepNation Blog

Blogging / Content

Get In Touch Although the directions below should serve as a good guide, we highly encourage you to get in touch with us at [email protected] with your pitch for the proposed Guest Post topic and receive our feedback.  Getting your blog post idea approved beforehand is the best way to ensure that your post will get published. We can provide you feedback or suggestions for the proposed topic, spot any weaknesses in your idea, logic flow or examples, and you may get a chance to focus and clarify your ideas.  If you are sending us your pitch, please make sure to include the following information: 1. Headline or Title for your Post - A title is to a blog post, what a magazine cover is to a fashion magazine. This is THE most important aspect of your blog post. Your headline is what "sells" your post to a reader. Read more about headlines here >> 2. Brief description and outline (main headings/subheadings/lists etc.) - Please also include the main ideas that you would like to cover in your blog post. This doesn't have to be too detailed, however, should give a basic understanding of the ideas that you would expand upon in your post.   [vc_column...

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