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Whether you are a student interested in gaining experience in digital media and digital marketing, someone who wants to start a career in digital marketing and wants to gain real-world experience, or someone who is really passionate about digital marketing and want to develop their skills, we have internship positions available all year round that will help you achieve your objectives.

Simply browse the positions available below and apply.


Available Positions

Digital Public Relations (PR)/Influencer Marketing Intern

Digital Public Relations/Influencer Marketing Intern

Positions available: 2 interns

We are currently looking for a rockstar Digital PR/Influencer Marketing Intern with a strong passion for digital media, digital marketing, and public relations/digital journalism.

This part-time unpaid internship role will involve the strategic development, management and execution of digital PR campaign for Trep Talks Education Platform ( across a diverse range of online blogs, online/offline publications, and media outlets.

A key part of this role is identifying and developing relationships with popular blogs, online influencers, and journalists; pitching them post/story ideas; as well as creation of press releases and blog/story content.

This internship will not involve making coffee, sorting mails, or answering phone calls. You will get an opportunity to take a leadership role in planning and executing a real-world PR campaign. This internship will allow you to gain new skills as well as the opportunity to build a stellar portfolio that will prepare you for a career in digital media, digital marketing and/or public relations.

Company Description

Trep Talks ( is an education platform for digital entrepreneurs. We create and curate high quality on-demand courses from expert instructors as well as helpful resources on a variety of topics related to digital entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

Our goal is to become the #1 source of education and training for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to start and/or grow a business online.

Trep Talks Media Inc. is based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Please note: This is a remote position.

The interns will require access to a computer (ideally a laptop) and high-speed internet. The meetings and projects will be coordinated using web/cloud based tools and applications.

Weekly meetings and training sessions will be organized using online tools/web applications.


Role Description & Responsibilities

This is a real opportunity for you to demonstrate your strategic and creative leadership skills. You will be responsible for developing and executing a real world digital PR campaign for Trep Talks.  

The result of a successful campaign would be publication of relevant blog posts, articles and stories in reputable online/offline blogs, publications, and media outlets. Your role and responsibilities will include the following:

  1. You will identify company (end) goals for the PR campaign as well as identify indicators of success
  2. You will research, identify and list potential media outlets most suitable for meeting the goals identified in #1
  3. You will create a PR strategy and develop an editorial calendar
  4. Based on #3, you will begin media outreach and pitch them relevant story ideas
  5. You will create press release and content to be published
  6. You will measure the effectiveness of your PR campaign against the goals/indicators identified in #1

Qualifications: What we are looking for:

We will provide you with relevant training and ongoing support. However, in order to thrive and be successful in this role, you will be/have:

  1. Initiative driven and entrepreneurial
  2. Passion for digital media, digital marketing, and PR
  3. Able to devote 6-8 hours per week on internship related tasks
  4. Strong research and written skills. Experience in writing and editing is highly desirable
  5. Web and tech savvy – familiar with using online tools, web based applications, Microsoft Office etc.
  6. Strong communication skills. The role involves liaising with influencers, journalists, and media outlets. You would be comfortable pitching ideas via email, phone etc. Previous sales experience would be beneficial
  7. Familiar with current and emerging digital media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest forums and blogs etc.
  8. Great time management skills and attention to detail
  9. Educational background in journalism, communications, or public relations is an asset but not required

Training Provided

Ongoing training opportunities will be provided via

  •  One on one training sessions
  •  Access to relevant books, courses, and case studies
  •  Interviews with thought leaders in the field

The training will provide interns with a solid foundation to create and implement a successful strategic digital PR campaign.

Supervision/Mentoring Provided

Ongoing supervision, feedback and mentoring will be provided via weekly strategy calls.

We will provide excellent references upon successful completion of the internship.


How To Apply

Step 1: Fill out the application form here:

Step 2: Forward your Cover Letter and Resume to [email protected]

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