Email Service Provider (ESP) Feature: Universal Form Capture

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Email Marketing Feature: Universal Form Capture

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Here is a scenario: You switch your Email Service Provider (ESP) from ESP-A to ESP-B. You have email capture forms on multiple webpages on your website already configured to send email addresses to ESP-A.

After switching to ESP-B, how do you go about configuring it so the subscriber details are captured by ESP-B?

One way is to manually change the code in each of your subscription forms.

However, some ESPs offer this neat feature called Universal Form Capture.

Universal Form Capture refers to an Email Service Provider’s (ESP) ability to automatically detect and integrate with (i.e. capture email addresses) existing email subscription forms located on the webpages of your websites.

You don’t need to switch forms or change code to send email addresses to the ESPs database.

This usually requires first installing a tracking code provided by the ESP on the pages the subscription forms are located at.


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