Email Service Provider (ESP) Feature: Purchase Behavior

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Email Marketing Feature: Purchase Behavior

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Advanced Email Service Providers (ESPs) have the capability of tracking (among other things) individual customer’s purchase behavior. 

Different pieces of  information can be tracked including product name, SKU, order ID, purchase date, cost/sales price, the length of time between purchases, dollars spent, order history, number of times ordered, and number of items ordered. 

Such tracking allows businesses to personalize future messaging and offer product recommendations that are most relevant to the customers based on their previous purchase history.

Some examples of such promotional targeting may include:

– Cross-sell offers
– Offering VIP discount to your best customers
– Promoting high ticket items to customers who have similar purchase history
– Following up with past customers who haven’t purchased after a certain period of time

The possibilities are really endless. Such targeted product recommendations hold the possibility of increasing sales and profits.


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