Journey To Profitable Blogging And Kindle Money Mastery | Stefan Pylarinos of

Stefan Pylarinos shares his entrepreneurial journey as a blogger as well as discusses specific strategies and tactics that he uses to profitably sell Kindle books and make a 6 figure income as an online marketer.

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Guest Bio

Stefan Pylarinos is an entrepreneur, internet marketer and fitness enthusiast with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. His main blog is

You can get his Kindle books including Kindle Money Mastery from Amazon. You can also access his Kindle money Mastery program on his website

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

This is one of the best interviews I have done on blogging and online marketing strategy as well as publishing and monetizing on the kindle platform. Stefan shared a lot of nuggets of wisdom on how to succeed as a blogger.

His biggest lesson in terms of making money online as a blogger is that it is a long term endeavor. At the beginning you should not worry too much about your blog design etc. because you don’t really have many visitors. He says you should focus on providing lots of free value to others through your content. Once you have atleast 100 visitors per day visiting your website, at that point you can start thinking about monetization.

According to Stefan, having an audience is essential to being successful online. This is the most important pre-requisite. Once you have an audience you can simply survey them to find out what their needs and problems are.

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What Is The Most Reliable Way Of Getting Traffic To Your Website Immediately? Find Out! – with Marco Veronesi

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing offers a great way test out the market for your product and drive targeted traffic to your website.

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 Show Notes

Marco Veronesi is the founder of Peak Marketing Solutions and an expert Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketer.

Here is a summary of our conversation. (This is not the exact transcript of the video)

Question: How is Pay Per Click Marketing different from other forms of internet marketing?

Marco: Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is sponsored advertising where you pay a certain amount of money per click to get a visitor to your website. It can be utilized on Google search engine as well as social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. It is the most reliable way of getting traffic immediately to your website. However, once a visitor lands on your website, it depends on how well the website is set up to convert that visitor whether it is getting their email or getting them to purchase your product.

Question: Does it require a lot of upfront investment?

Marco: In online marketing, you have a choice to either spend Time or spend Money. PPC is, by definition, Paid Advertising. You know exactly what your cost is to acquire a visitor/customer to your website. If implemented effectively, every visitor that you get to your website through PPC provides an opportunity to create and grow a relationship. You can continue to add value to your customers by providing products and services that are beneficial for them throughout the customer life-cycle. [click to continue...]

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