How To Create An Online Business (Instead Of An Online Product) | Dan R Morris

Most people think about creating and selling an online product. Dan Morris explains why that is a mistake and provides a detailed roadmap for creating an automated online business.

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Guest Bio

Dan R Morris is an internet marketer and a blogger. He calls himself the “revenue generation guy” because he helps businesses generate more revenue through a combination of online marketing methods.

He blogs about a variety of internet marketing topics on his blog

He can also be found at the following places:



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People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. Jay Conrad Levinson – Guerrilla Marketing

2. Wordle

3. Wiki Answers and Yahoo Answers

4. Aweber and Infusionsoft

5. Kajabi

6. Batteries Plus

Tweetable Quotes from this Interview! (coming soon)

Click to Tweet>>>> Be the biggest small dog you can be.

Click to Tweet>>>> People make the mistake of thinking that creating the product is the business.

Click to Tweet>>>> Start putting information that people think you are already an expert at.

Click to Tweet>>>> Your goal should always be to move your audience towards excellence.

Click to Tweet>>>> Your business should be as automated as possible for greatest leverage.


Here is a transcript of the conversation.

Trep Talks Interview with Dan R Morris

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