How To Create a Company that is the Centre of Gravity for Brilliant Minds | Leerom Segal of Klick Health

Leerom Segal, President and CEO of Klick Health shares insights on how technology and data can be used to create a talent centric organization.

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Guest Bio

Leerom Segal is the Co-founder and CEO of Klick Health. He is also the author of The
Decoded Company. Segal immigrated to Canada at age 8 and launched his first company, The ByteDoctors, at age 12. He went on to become the CTO of publicly traded Motion Works Group at 16 and then to co-found Klick Health in 1997, at age 17, with partners Aaron Goldstein and Peter Cordy.

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Things You Will Learn In This Interview

In this interview, Leerom Segal (President and CEO of Klick Health) shares his thoughts on entrepreneurship, creating company culture, and how technology and data can be used to create a talent centric organization. Some of my big takeaways from this interview were as follows:


    • As an entrepreneur, work yourself out of a job so that you can step back and
      grow your company strategically (work on your company instead of in your
    • Always work on keeping your product differentiated enough (moat around
      your company) so that your company and product remains relevant in the
    • Surround yourself with people who are a lot smarter than you are.
    • You have to take ownership of growing personally and as an entrepreneur at
      the same pace as your company otherwise you will be the bottleneck in your
      company’s growth
    • According to Leerom, 3 things shape a company culture:
      • Who you hire?
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