Insights on Entrepreneurship, Community Building, and Creating Member Happiness | Ryan Paugh of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

Ryan Paugh of YEC shares his entrepreneurial story and insights on startups, blogging, and creating happy communities.

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Guest Bio

Ryan Paugh is a Boston entrepreneur, community builder, and co-founder and COO of Young Entrepreneur Council ( Previously he co-founded Brazen Careerist.

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

Ryan Paugh is an experienced entrepreneur and community builder and I really enjoyed chatting with him about a variety of topics ranging from how he got started as an online entrepreneur, working with Penelope Trunk, how he got involved with Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), community building and creating member happiness and more. Watch the full interview for the lively discussion. Some topics/questions discussed in the interview are as follows:

1. How did Ryan get started as an entrepreneur?

2. How did he connect with Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist and why/how he joined Brazen Careerist?

3. Initial challenges in getting Brazen careerist funded

4. His advice for startup entrepreneurs who are looking to get their startups funded.

5. What was his role at Brazen Careerist? What does it take to create member happiness in a community?

5. Why did he decide to leave Brazen Careerist and how did he join Young Entrepreneur Council?

6. What is Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), what does it take to become a YEC member, and benefits to members.

7. How does YEC collaborate with reputable magazines and online publications? How can startups get themselves noticed by Press and Media?

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