How To Take Action And Turn Ideas Into Income | Jeet Banerjee of

Jeet Banerjee of says that the secret to his success is taking action and working smarter.

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Guest Bio

Jeet Banerjee is a 21 years old (in 2014) serial entrepreneur, TEDx speaker, best-selling author and a digital marketing consultant. He is also the founder of @GotStatFuse, and @GoVisionary. You can find him at

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

Jeet Banerjee is definitely an inspiring young entrepreneur. At age 21, he has already established a strong online personal brand with a couple of self published books, a Udemy course, and a Tedx talk under his belt not to mention multiple startups of varying successes.

I think the biggest lesson to learn from this interview is that you can make a huge amount of progress in a small amount of time simply by taking tons of action and by working smart. He recognizes his strengths and finds other people with complementary skills to get the job done. According to him, “It is better to have a little of something that is worth a lot, than to have a lot of something that isn’t worth much!” (Tweet This!)

I asked him questions about his company Appzeria and the process they used to create Apps. I also asked him about creating a personal brand, creating a strong social media presence, self-publishing books, creating the Udemy course, and public speaking. Here are some of the questions I asked, a very interesting interview full of strategic and tactical advice:


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