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Although the directions below should serve as a good guide, we highly encourage you to get in touch with us at [email protected] with your pitch for the proposed Guest Post topic and receive our feedback. 

Getting your blog post idea approved beforehand is the best way to ensure that your post will get published. We can provide you feedback or suggestions for the proposed topic, spot any weaknesses in your idea, logic flow or examples, and you may get a chance to focus and clarify your ideas. 

If you are sending us your pitch, please make sure to include the following information:

1. Headline or Title for your Post – A title is to a blog post, what a magazine cover is to a fashion magazine. This is THE most important aspect of your blog post. Your headline is what “sells” your post to a reader. Read more about headlines here >>

2. Brief description and outline (main headings/subheadings/lists etc.) – Please also include the main ideas that you would like to cover in your blog post. This doesn’t have to be too detailed, however, should give a basic understanding of the ideas that you would expand upon in your post. 


How To Write for TrepNation (plus Editorial Guidelines)

So you want to write for Trep Talks? Awesome!

We invite and accept guest posts from passionate bloggers, digital entrepreneurs and marketers (like yourself) who are looking to share useful tips, strategies, and insights on digital entrepreneurship and online marketing with the Trep Talks and TrepNation community.

This informational article is meant to provide guidelines about what we are looking for in a guest post as well as answer some frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Reading and following these guidelines BEFORE submitting you post will greatly increase the chances of your article getting published on TrepNation blog and perhaps even on the main Trep Talks blog.

So let’s get started…

What kind of content is good fit for TrepNation?

Actionable, relevant, well-researched, in-depth and practical.

We like posts that help our readers to solve a specific problem related to starting or growing their online business.

You can write about a wide range of topics (categories) including (but not limited to):

Analytics Blogging Branding Business Practices Capital & Financing Coaching & Mentoring
Community Management Competitive Research Consulting Content Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)  Copywriting
Culture Design Ecommerce Email Marketing Entrepreneurship Growth Hacking
Information Products Interviews Keyword Research Link building Marketing/buyer Psychology  Mindset
Mobile Money Online Marketing  Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Productivity Public Relations (PR)
Reporting Reputation Management Sales & Persuasion Search Engines SEO Social Media Marketing
Startups Tools User Experience (UX)


You can choose to write about a broad topic (e.g. Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing) or you can choose a narrow topic and dive deep into it (e.g. How To SEO Optimize Your Blog Posts for maximum Search Visibility). 

An ultimate guide would obviously be much longer than exploring a narrow topic. A few words about post length here >>

Asking the following questions may also help guide you through the process:

1. Will the article help online business owners step closer to or even achieve their business or financial objectives (i.e. is the post relevant to an online business owner)?

2. Is the article practical and actionable?

3. Have you included clear instructions that even a non-technical person can follow and replicate?

4. Have you minimized fluff information?

How to make a post actionable and practical?

We are not just interested in “What to do”, we also want the “How to do it” along with it.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

The more detailed you can be (using images, screenshots, even videos) in explaining step-by-step how to do something, or how you achieved a certain result, the easier it would be for a readers to follow and implement your suggestions, strategies and tactics in their businesses.

We also encourage you to reference and link to other relevant resources on the web that explore an aspect of your post topic that you don’t necessarily wish to cover in your own post. 

Disclaimer: As every post is reviewed by a member of our team, any posts containing spam, promotional or irrelevant links will be rejected. We DO NOT accept affiliate links.


Here are some post types that you may wish to consider

1) Case Studies

Case studies give you the opportunity to share specific results that you have gained implementing a certain strategy, tactic or tool within your business. 

E.g. Let’s say that you implemented a new social media tactic using a specific web based tool and it allowed you to generate extra traffic to a specific page on your website which in turn allowed to generate leads and make more sales. 

If you think that other business owners can apply the same strategy and get similar results (or there is a lesson for them) then it would make a great case study post.

In such a post you would likely discuss some of the following points:

1) What is the business relevance of implementing this particular strategy/tactic? (again we want to tie everything to business/financial objectives)

2) Share a step-by step tutorial (including screenshots, images, videos) of how you implemented the tactic.

3) How you tracked the results, include screenshots of your results.

4) A discussion of why you think the tactic worked.

5) Can others replicate the same tactic/results in their businesses?

6) In your discussion, feel free to include links to other website(s) that help explain a certain aspect of the method in detail. 

2) Well Researched How To’s 

What if you don’t have any case studies to share?

No Worries.

You can write a well researched “How To” type article where you go in depth into a certain topic and share insights, best practices and results that others have achieved using certain strategies/tactics or tools. 

The key to such a post is providing relevant references (links etc.) that allows a reader to explore the topic, strategy or tactic in detail. 

3) List Posts

Think of this as “X ways of doing Y” or “X ways of achieving Y

List posts usually make great blog posts. However, a word of caution.

As mentioned above, we are interested in actionable and practical content. Therefore, you need to make sure that your post and list items are well-researched, include examples and step-by-step instructions that help readers take action.

4) Ultimate Guide

Think of the ultimate guide as a more elaborate version of the “How To” type of post where you explore a broad or narrow topic in great detail.

Want to try something different? Pitch us your idea at [email protected]

Who reads TrepTalks and TrepNation blogs?

Great question. Our readers are aspiring and experienced business owners who are interested in starting and/or growing their businesses using online media, online marketing, and digital technologies. 

The keyword here is Business. As we all know, the purpose of a business is to serve its customers and generate revenues and profits (the bottom line).

As business owners, our readers are looking for strategies, tactics and innovative solutions to develop and strengthen their bottom line (i.e. grow profits).

So how is this relevant to you writing a blog post?

Glad you asked. 

When writing a guest post you want to be aware of the fact that the reader is wondering “What is in it for me?” before, during and after reading the post.

Specifically, our readers may have a few lines of thoughts going on in their minds such as:

  1. Will this post help me achieve X so that I can increase my profits? 

  2. Does the information in this post apply specifically to my business?

  3. How easily would I be able to implement the learnings in my business? Would I need the help of a tech expert to do so?

  4. What kind of planning, time and resources would this require?

Our goal is to structure the post in a way that it would intuitively answer all those questions for our readers. 

What is the ideal length (word count) for a guest post?

We don’t have any specific requirements for for length or word counts. We are looking for quality over quantity. 

We don’t want you to stuff your post with useless sentences and paragraphs if it is not necessary to do so. 

And mentioned earlier, we want your posts to be practical, actionable, with step-by-step “How To” kind of directions. 

Based on the scope and depth of the topic that you are covering, the post could be 500 words long or it could be 10,000 words long. We are okay either way.

How important is the Headline or Title of the post?

In a way this is THE most important aspect of an online article.

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