Journey To Profitable Blogging And Kindle Money Mastery | Stefan Pylarinos of

Stefan Pylarinos shares his entrepreneurial journey as a blogger as well as discusses specific strategies and tactics that he uses to profitably sell Kindle books and make a 6 figure income as an online marketer.

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Guest Bio

Stefan Pylarinos is an entrepreneur, internet marketer and fitness enthusiast with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being. His main blog is

You can get his Kindle books including Kindle Money Mastery from Amazon. You can also access his Kindle money Mastery program on his website

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

This is one of the best interviews I have done on blogging and online marketing strategy as well as publishing and monetizing on the kindle platform. Stefan shared a lot of nuggets of wisdom on how to succeed as a blogger.

His biggest lesson in terms of making money online as a blogger is that it is a long term endeavor. At the beginning you should not worry too much about your blog design etc. because you don’t really have many visitors. He says you should focus on providing lots of free value to others through your content. Once you have atleast 100 visitors per day visiting your website, at that point you can start thinking about monetization.

According to Stefan, having an audience is essential to being successful online. This is the most important pre-requisite. Once you have an audience you can simply survey them to find out what their needs and problems are. What is it that they want to learn from you? By doing this you can create programs around those needs and guarantee success to a certain extent.

Stefan also shared tons of great advice about creating profitable eBooks on the kindle platform. Watch the entire interview, I think you are going to learn a lot from this. Here are some of the questions I asked Stefan in this interview:

1. How did he get started with online marketing and how long did it take him to create a living as a blogger and online marketer?

2. How did he create an audience on his blog when he was first starting out? What is his advice for bloggers who are starting out today?

3. How much revenue did (breakdown) he make in his first year as a blogger?

4. How can you create profitable products by simply surveying your audience?

5. How does the kindle publishing system works and what is the business model?

6. What are the most important elements of creating profitable Kindle books?

7. How to get great reviews on the Kindle platform?

8. how to get your kindle book to rank on top of Amazon search page for specific keywords?

9. How much revenue Stefan currently generates as a blogger/online marketer? and lots more.

This interview is jam packed with great info. I hope you are going to enjoy this as much as I did.

Tweetable Quotes from this Interview!

Click to Tweet>>>> Recipe for online success – Build an audience, survey them and create programs around their needs.

Click to Tweet>>>> Success is only reserved for people who are completely committed and who are willing to do whatever it takes.

Click to Tweet>>>> Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, find people who have done it before and ask for help.

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. David DeAngelo

2. ClickBank

3. Aweber

4. Bluehost & Hostgator

6. T. Harv Eker

Your Turn>>

What blogging stage are you at? Are you a beginner (still building traffic), have you begun monetizing, or are you a pro? What is your biggest challenge as a blogger right now? Do you have any tips to share? Please leave your comments in the comments section below.

Journey To Profitable Blogging And Kindle Money Mastery | Stefan Pylarinos of


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  1. This is a question for viewers: What is your biggest challenge right now as a blogger right now?

  2. Thanks Stefan for sharing all the great info. This is a must watch for all bloggers and online marketers who are looking to create a living online.

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