Disrupting The Self-Storage Market Using An Internet Based On-Demand Model | Rob Rebholz of

Rob Rebholz, Co-founder of on-demand storage service Spaceways shares how Rocket Internet’s experience and technological expertise in Warehousing is helping Spaceways disrupt the Self-Storage Market

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Guest Bio

Rob Rebholz is the Co-founder of on-demand storage service Spaceways. Spaceways has expanded its operations in cities like London, Paris, Chicago, and most recently in Toronto.

Things You Will Learn In This Interview


Spaceways has an interesting story – it collaborated with Germany based startup accelerator Rocket Internet (World’s largest Internet Platform outside of US and China) and went from idea to launch within a matter of 8 weeks.

Spaceways is looking to disrupt the self-storage market with a Free on-demand pickup and delivery storage model and help people living in crowded cities to store their personal belonging safely and conveniently.

I had the chance to ask the co-founder Rob Rebholz a variety of questions about starting Spaceways as well as the expansion process in different cities.

Spaceways is looking to leverage the technical, operational, and warehousing technology and expertise developed by Rocket Internet (because of its eCommerce businesses) and apply it to the self-storage industry to make the self-storage process safer and convenient for consumers.

If you haven’t heard of Rocket Internet, here is a video:

This is a great interview to learn what it takes to disrupt an existing industry!


Here are some of the questions discussed in this interview:

– Can you tell us a little bit about Spaceways. What problem is it solving?

– What got you interested in entrepreneurship and how did you get the idea for SpaceWays?

– Who is the ideal customer/market for SpaceWays?

– SpaceWays is a Rocket Internet company, how did you come to work with Rocket Internet and what capabilities are they bringing to this business? (Equity division?)

– There are already similar companies like MakeSpace, BoxBee, LoveSpace with a very similar idea/business model as SpaceWays. What differentiates Spaceways?

– How do you measure success? What kind of traction have you been able to get in cities like London, Paris, and Chicago?

– How do you manage the division between operations in existing locations versus expansion in new locations?

– Spaceways is expanding quickly in different cities. Given that there are other players in the market as well, is it really about who can capture what city first and build a critical mass?

– Do you consider SpaceWays an “internet” startup? Is the marketing primarily Internet based?

– Can you walk me through the steps that it takes to launch a SpaceWays business in a new city?

– What is the long-term vision for SpaceWays?

– Which city is next?


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Disrupting The Self-Storage Market Using An Internet Based On-Demand Model | Rob Rebholz of


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