How To Create Highly Effective and Profitable Autoresponder Sequences | John McIntyre The Autoresponder Guy

The Autoresponder Guy John McIntyre shares what it takes to enter the conversation that is already going on in your prospects head and run effective, automated, and profitable email marketing campaigns.

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Guest Bio

John McIntyre is a digital entrepreneur and internet marketer specializing in creating and running effective and profitable email marketing campaigns using the power of compelling copywriting as well as email autoresponder sequences. He is also the creator and host of The McMethod Email Marketing Podcast. You can learn from John by joining his private community called the McMasters. You can visit John’s website here.

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

Jon shares the one most important thing that you need to have before you can be an effective email marketer.

What comes up for you when you think about email marketing and its role and importance for your business? Your perception may be very different from mine but here is how I perceived email marketing just a few months ago.

–    Email marketing is about building a huge list – sure it is but list isn’t everything

–    Email marketing is about writing great headlines so that people would open your emails – Sure it is, but writing great headline is just a tactic

–    Email marketing is about writing insanely valuable and detailed emails just pouring all your wisdom so that your list would consider you an expert – somewhat true

–    Don’t annoy people by sending too many emails – somewhat true, you can send as many emails as you want as long as your are useful and relevant to your audience

–    If people start unsubscribing, it means that you are not providing relevant content – hmm, better to have small list of fans than a huge list of people who don’t open your emails

–    Once you have established your expertise over a period of time, perhaps one day when you have a product or service to sell, people would gladly open their wallets for you and hit the buy button – really??

And if I think more about it, I can probably write many other points. Most of these points have a certain truth to them but now having spoken to experts like Jon McIntyre, I realize that, for the most part, those things are more of less tactical, wishful thinking.

It almost reminds me of a story where a group of blind people came across an elephant and were asked to describe what the elephant looked like just by touching it with their hands. The person who touched the tail, described the elephant as a snake, the one who touched the trunk described it as the trunk of a tree, someone who touched the ear described it as a fan and so on.

And that is exactly how I think most people perceive email marketing. They have a partial view rather than a big picture understanding how what email marketing is and, more importantly, how it fits in with your business and its goals. With just a partial picture, you can only be tactical and not strategic.

This is an excellent interview to begin to gain a strategic understanding of what email marketing is really about. In this interview we get into a variety of topics and Jon also mentions some of his favorite resources. Here are some of the questions and topics discussed.

1.    What is an auto-responder sequence why should you care about creating one?

2.    Why everyone is not doing email marketing or doing it ineffectively even when email is one of the least expensive and best ways of engaging and connecting with your audience?

3.    Why your email list (of your customers) is one of the biggest assets in your business?

4.    What is the right number of emails to send? How many emails should be in your auto-responder sequence?

5.    How should you structure your auto-responder sequence?

6.    Why your second email is one of the most important emails in your autoresponder sequence?

7.    Why your website is like a “pickup line” whereas your email marketing is like dating and building relationship with your prospects.

8.    Why, for most businesses, the goal of their website should be to collect email addresses?

9.    Jon shares his strategy for building email list and why, if you master this strategy, you will never go out of business?

10.    What is the one overall strategy that is required if your email marketing needs to work?

11.    What is the best time to send emails? Yes, he specifies it to the minute and explains why?

12.    How often should you sell in your email?

13.    What kinds of emails should you be sending to your email list to build a strong relationship?

14.    Jon’s best advice – Apply 80/20 principle in everything you do.

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People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

Ramit Sethi

Andre Chaperon

Ben Settle

Perry Marshall

Richard Koch

Copy Hour



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Are you using an autoresponder sequence in your email marketing? What has been some of your challenges and lesssons? Please share in the comments box below.

How To Create Highly Effective and Profitable Autoresponder Sequences | John McIntyre The Autoresponder Guy


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