How To Use Instagram To Achieve Your Business Goals | Jason Miles

Jason Miles shares some of the online marketing lessons he has learned growing Liberty Jane Clothing Company. He also shares strategies to leverage Instagram to grow your business.

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Guest Bio

Jason Miles is a Best Selling Author, VP of Advancement at Northwest University. Co-founder & marketer at Liberty Jane Clothing. Blogger at

His Amazon books page can be accessed here.

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. American Girl

2. Liberty Jane Clothing

3. Shopify

4. Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Express, & Instacap

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Click to Tweet>>>> One universal thing that every business should do is email marketing.

Click to Tweet>>>> Hashtags are wild and free. You have to be diligent on how you create and use them.

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

1. How to leverage Instagram to market your business and engage your customers.

2. What is the one most important question you need to ask before starting on a new social media platform.

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