Bringing A Disruptive Technology To Market | Herb Mitschele of Shodogg

Herb Mitschele (CEO Shodogg) shares his innovative new technology platform Shodogg and his experiences bringing a disruptive technology to market as a non-tech guy.

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Guest Bio

Herb Mitschele is the CEO and Co-founder of Shodogg, an innovative technology platform that allows content to stream effortlessly between devices and screens, and where rightful content owners and their creations are protected. Prior to Shodogg, Herb was a senior executive in the consumer products and toy industry.

You may try out the Shodogg App on Android. You may also try the Screen-Direct App for Android and iPhone

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The beginning clip of Seth Green explaining Shodogg is taken from AOL Originals – Acting Disruptive.

Things You Will Learn In This Interview

Shodogg is an innovative new technology that takes the concept of sharing your content on cloud (e.g. via Dropbox etc.) one step further. Basically, the Shodogg technology allows you to take your existing content on the cloud (text, audio, video) and easily access it on ANY web enabled device or screen instantly without having to download it to that device.

The technology has many applications in many different industries. Shodogg has assembled an impressive team of executives and advisors including Seth Green to bring the technology to market.

In this interesting interview, I spoke with the Co-founder and CEO of Shodogg, Herb Mitschele and asked him the details of what it is like to bring an innovative disruptive technology like this to market, especially coming from a non-tech background. We discussed the following topics…

1. The development of the Shodogg technology

1. Funding the project

2. Equity and role division between 5 co-founders

3. Assembling the technical team and advisors including Seth Green

4. Business model and challenges in defining the target market

5. Marketing

6. Implementing the technology in Australia (smaller market) as testing grounds

and a lot more.

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. David Strober (inventor of Shodogg technology)

2. Robot Chicken

3. Quadriga

4. MedQB

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Bringing A Disruptive Technology To Market | Herb Mitschele of Shodogg


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