Email Service Provider (ESP) Feature: Automation Workflows and Workflow Templates

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Email Marketing Feature: Automation Workflows

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Email automation workflows is an advanced marketing automation feature offered by many Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Workflows allow you to use a variety of “if > then” type of rules to automatically send personalized email messages to the right users/customers at the right time.

According to ESPs, using workflows may help in creating a stronger relationship with your customers and may overall be profitable to the business.

Workflows allow you to design a sort of marketing “maze” in which the subscriber enters. Based on a user’s specific actions and preferences (which are tracked), the user receives the most relevant set of email messages.

ESPs often offer the workflows in a visual drag and drop (or drop down choices) interface which helps the marketing team better visualize their marketing strategy and funnels.

(Image : Example automation workflow from Infusionsoft)

email automation workflow

Another value proposition of using workflows is that they are non-tech marketers friendly. You don’t need to be an IT guy or a developer to use them.

ESPs usually offer workflows as a premium feature.

Workflow Templates

Some ESPs provide pre-built workflow templates based on email marketing best practices as a value-added feature. These can be easily customized and deployed quickly.


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