Email Service Provider (ESP) Feature: Email List Management

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Email Marketing Feature: Email List Management or Contact Management

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Email List Management is one of the basic features provided by most Email Service Providers (ESPs). This feature allows managing your list of contacts in a variety of ways including:

Adding and importing contacts (individually or in a list) – please note some ESPs may require you to confirm that these contacts are valid and have provided you permission to contact them

Add new contacts using sign-up forms

Ability to categorize and tag contacts (also known as segmenting)

Add custom fields to add additional data about contacts

Duplicate and delete contact lists

List Cleaning

Some other capabilities related to this feature are:

Database sync

Some ESPs provide the ability to import and sync contacts from an external database. This is useful when you have external systems such as a Content Management System (CMS), billing or accounting system with its own database and you need to keep the contacts list up to date.

Some ESPs provide an auto import feature where contacts are automatically imported from 3rd party services (e.g. eCommerce platforms) at regular intervals.


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