Email Service Provider (ESP) Feature: Dynamic/Conditional Content

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Email Marketing Feature: Dynamic/Conditional Content

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Dynamic content is an advanced email personalization feature offered by many Email Service Providers (ESPs).

Using Dynamic Content, the content of the same email is automatically personalized (based on pre-defined criteria) for different subscribers. As an example, it means if you are a male you will see male shoes and if you are female you will see female shoes.

The general idea behind using dynamic content is that the more relevant a message is to a customer’s interests and needs, the better outcomes (engagement, sales etc.) it can drive for your business.conditional contentconditional content

Combined with other marketing automation technologies, Dynamic Content has the potential to tailor excellent user experience for the customer and improve ROI for the business.

Dynamic content can be presented in a variety of ways:

    • Using Dynamic Tags: An email can be personalized using tags that help personalize the message with information that is directly relevant to the prospect (such as First Name, Twitter handle etc.). It provides the experience of a personal custom tailored email message rather than general message sent to the entire list.


    • Using Customer Segments (existing data): Customer segment data such as “gender” can be used to send targeted product recommendations (e.g. female versus male shoe recommendations with respective images).


    • Using External Data/Content to customize messages: An example of this would be using external weather forecast data for customer’s zip code to send “last minute vacation deals” for a particularly cold/snowy weekend.

The images above shows dynamic content based on different culinary preferences.



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