What Is Deliverability?

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Deliverability may perhaps be one of the most (if not The Most) important aspects of your email marketing efforts. 

Your email marketing could be perfect but if it never reaches its intended recipients then all the other efforts are useless.

Successful Email Deliverability means that your messages have successfully reached their intended recipients.

Unsuccessful email deliverability means either your email messages never reach your recipients inbox or they end up in bulk/spam folders.

Poor deliverability rates can negatively impact the performance of your email marketing campaigns.

A variety of technical factors may affect the deliverability of your email campaigns. Email Service Providers (ESPs) may have their own rules and policies to ensure that their users are not spamming email recipients.

In general, some best practices to keep high deliverability rates in your business to make sure that your emails are getting delivered are:

  1. You are emailing only those who have given permission to receive emails from you (permission based marketing)
  2. You are sending emails with content that is relevant to those whom you are emailing (to keep high engagement rates)
  3. You are cleaning your lists to remove email addresses that are not opening/engaging with your emails.
  4. Make it easier for people to unsubscribe.
  5. Don’t use deceptive marketing techniques to make sales


Shared versus Dedicated IP

The reputation of the IP address through which the emails are being sent can have a direct impact on the deliverability.

A shared IP address is used by multiple senders to send their emails. Therefore, the reputation of a shared IP address is the combined average of the email practices of all the senders.

Having a dedicated IP address means that it is not shared by anyone else. Therefore, it gives you more control over maintaining its reputation.

However, a shared IP address is often recommended for senders with small email lists or inconsistent sending frequency. The combined volume and consistency  of multiple senders can provide a better overall reputation for everyone in such a case.

Delivery & Reputation Monitoring

Some Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide personalized delivery and reputation monitoring services.

They would track your sending reputation over time, provide advice and feedback and work with you to ensure high deliverability for your emails.


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