What Is An Autoresponder?

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Remember in the good ol’ days when you didn’t have your smartphones with you 24/7 and didn’t have access to the wi-fi everywhere?

You usually set up “away email messages” in your email clients when you went on vacation or were unable to attend your inbox for extended periods of time?

When anyone emailed you – they automatically received your “away email message”.

That is one of the original examples of an autoresponder.

As the name suggests, the autoresponder automatically sends an automatic response or message based on a pre-defined condition or trigger.

With the advent and development of Email Marketing, the concept of autoresponders has been taken to the next level as well.

The Autoresponder is one of the basic features included in most ESPs these days.

An example of Autoresponder use is that of a new subscriber receiving an automatic “Welcome Message” after they have confirmed their email subscription.

More advanced forms of Autoresponders are also called Drip Campaigns where a marketer has the opportunity to schedule a series of email messages that are sent out at pre-defined (after a few hours, days etc.) intervals.


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