What is A/B Split Testing?

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A/B Split Testing

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In the context of email marketing, A/B Split testing (or A/X or multivariate testing) is a way to do controlled, randomized experiments on different email elements with the goal of improving email metrics such as open or click rates. 

For example, two subject lines can be tested to see which one will lead to higher open rates. The software will randomly send one subject line to 50% of the subscribers and another subject line to the other 50%. 

After a specified period of time, open rates are checked to see which subject line performed better. 

Many Email Service Providers (ESPs) provide the ability to split test and optimize the conversion process of your email campaigns.

A variety of elements can be tested including:

– Call to action
– Subject line
– Effect of testimonials
– Design
– Personalization
– Body Copy
– Headline
– Closing text
– Images
– Offer

Here are some important email metrics to track with A/B split testing:

– Email open rates
– Call to action “Click-through Rate (CTR)”
– End goal conversion rate



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