9 Reasons to Use a VPN for Private Web Browsing

There are many VPS services available in the market with many advantages to offer. But, everybody may not be aware of all the perks VPS can provide users. Two technical results can be obtained by a virtual private network (VPN) connection.

• A VPS helps in cloaking and encrypting your signal and making your online activity providing, away from the eavesdroppers.
• A VPN has the ability to manipulate your IP address, which may make it appear like you are accessing the internet from a different country/location/machine.

VPS is known to slow the connection down by 25 per cent 50 per cent, but there are some solid reasons why people choose to cloak their activities or change their IP address.

Accessing Full Netflix and Online Content from Other Parts of the World.

Due to copyright agreements, many of the streaming media providers do not broadcast a lot of content out of a specific country, particularly USA. It indicates that many of the shows and movies are blocked for users who are living in other nations like the UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, or South America. The geographical enforcement management is done by tracking the location of the login IP address.

VPN on a Windows VPS or any other operating system will provide the ability to manipulate the IP address and unlock a whole host of content available for streaming. If you are a fan of streaming online content, the cost and effort you spend will be worth it.

Privately Downloading and Uploading P2P Files

The MPAA and several other music and cinema associations detest P2P sharing. It is because of legality and profit both, several authorities including MPAA do not allow users to share music and movies online. It is done by eavesdropping the user’s ISP signal. With the help of VPN, it may slow your internet speed but will allow y to download and upload while being unidentifiable to the authorities. In order to do this, you will require an excellent VPN. The money you spend on it is definitely worth protecting your computer from the surveillance.

Using Hotel or Public Wi-Fi Safely

Most people may not know this, but the hotel or public Wi-Fi you use isn’t very safe for private browsing or email. There is no encryption security offered to users in public Wi-Fi, and your signals are available to anyone who wants to eavesdrop. A junior hacker will easily be able to unencrypt the Wi-Fi signal. As they are terribly unsafe, people tend to spend a lot of money on having a VP connection.

Breaking Out of Any Restrictive Network

You have to deal with the ‘Acceptable Rule’ policy when you browse the web at the office or school. These organisations impose restrictions when it comes to checking YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other similar pages.
With the help of a VPN connection, you will be able to use the restricted websites and other services. The network administrator would not be able to gather any recorded evidence about the specific web activities.

Bypassing the Content Surveillance and Web Censorship of a Country

Similar to the restriction imposed by schools and companies, certain nations also impose such oppressive censoring. They include Belarus, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, China, Afghanistan, and Egypt. If you are living in any of these countries, having a VPN server can help you in tunnelling out of the restrictions to access the World Wide Web.

Cloaking VOIP Phone Calls

People can easily eavesdrop internet telephoning. Intermediate-level hackers can easily do that. If you are one who uses services like online voice chatting, Whatsapp calls, Lync, or Skype regularly, you must consider having a VPN connection.

Using Search Engines without Having A Logged History

You may not like it, but search engines like Bing and Google are known to use your search log and make use of it for marketing purposes. For this reason, you receive advertisements that are targeted to your previous searches. The cataloguing might seem useful, but it could also be a social faux pas or public embarrassment n the future. Therefore, having a VPN connection to cloak your IP address when you search ‘anti-depressants’, ‘divorce lawyers’ or ‘abortion’ can be very useful.

Watching Home-Specific Broadcasts When You Travel

Local network news can be weird in some countries. If you want access to your favourite streaming channels like video feeds, sports games, television shows, etc., you can use it with the help of a VPN connection.

Avoiding Trackback and Reprisals Due to Your Research

You may e a celebrity or a person doing market research. You can also be a writer or a reporter who has to cover sensitive topics like human trafficking, violence against women, or war atrocities. In any of these scenarios, you must keep your computer untraceable in order t prevent reprisals.
Having a VOP connection has its perks. It is definitely something worth having, especially for a person who likes his/her privacy.

Guest Post Author: Subhankar Sarkar

A fitness lover and a Tech blogger by profession, Subhankar also love to ride bikes in his free time. Staying fit and writing blogs are two things he swears by.


December 5, 2018

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