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Ever wonder why is it that some online blogs and products manage to get instant traction (traffic, likes, shares & sales) whereas others (with similar or perhaps even better content or product quality) struggle to attract visitors and clients?

Perhaps the reason is that:

Your Headlines Don’t Capture Your Prospect’s Attention!

Did you know, more than 80% of those who will come across your headline will never bother to read the rest of your content or sales page.

Legendary copywriter and direct marketer John Caples said it correctly:

“If the headline is poor, the copy will not be read. The copy that is not read does not sell goods”.

Think about this for a second. You spend hours and hours creating your best content or product. You know what you have created is valuable and can really benefit your ideal readers or prospects.

However, your headline is crappy or mediocre at best and doesn’t communicate benefit, arouse curiosity or capture the attention of your readers when they come across it.

They simply ignore it and move on. Your content is seldom read. Your ad doesn’t convert.

How can you expect to get traffic, likes, shares, or sales when people NEVER even click on your article or ad to read what is it that you have to offer?

Well, we have a solution. We have created a “Cheat Sheet” that will allow you to instantly

Get Rid Of Your Headline Problems Once And For All

Direct-response marketers and print advertisers, through extensive scientific A/B testing of their ads realized that certain headlines “formulas” consistently outperformed other headlines in selling their mail-order products.

Ever since, smart marketers have been adapting and using these headline formulas to effectively sell their products and services.

Why these headlines work is beyond the scope of our discussion and perhaps worthy of scientific/psychological research. For our purposes, we simply need to know that

These Headlines Work!

The downloadable FREE “cheat sheet” contains 101 of the most profitable headline formulas ever written since the advent of Direct-Response Marketing and Mass Advertising.

These headline hacks can be easily adapted by you to fit your purpose whether you are writing a blog post, an article, or creating an ad to sell a product.

You will find these headline hacks used regularly by most of the popular magazines like Cosmopolitan, online publications like Huffington Post, marketing blogs like Buffer and Quicksprout, and viral content websites like Upworthy and ViralNova and so on…

Used wisely, these headlines will literally open the floodgates to traffic, likes, shares and sales for your content and products.

The free Headline Hacks cheat sheet will show you:

  • 101 unique and proven headline hacks
  • 311 real world headline samples
  • The one trick that is guaranteed to make you a better headline writer
  • The one tip to guarantee that you are ALWAYS choosing the best headline for your content or advertisement
  • Two special headline cases that are so effective they command their own categories


Your headline has only one job—to stop your prospect and compel him to read the second sentence of your ad.

-Eugene Schwartz  (Legendary Direct Marketer, Copywriter and Author of Breakthrough Advertising).


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