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How A Real-Estate Entrepreneur Made A Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth Flipping (Wholesaling) Homes | Nick Ruiz

December 20, 20130 Comments

Nick Ruiz shares how he made a multi-million dollar net-worth in through real-estate investing and flipping homes and some tough lessons learned along the way.

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Guest Bio

Nick Ruiz is a self-made entrepreneur, real-estate investor, home flipper/wholesaler and real-estate coach. You can connect with him at


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Things You Will Learn In This Interview

We did something special with this interview. Nick invited me to join him on his show where he interviews successful entrepreneurs who started from scratch and we decided to interview each other about business, entrepreneurship and life.

In this interview, Nick shares his entrepreneurial story, how he got started in the real-estate investing and what happened after the 2008 real estate crash. Nick made a multi-million net worth flipping/wholesaling distressed properties. He created a funnel where once he found a suitable distressed property all he had to do is follow step by step system and he could finish the deal within a matter of hours.

Flipping or wholesaling means finding suitable properties and selling it to real-estate investors who are willing to pay cash for the property and a “good” finders fee to the middle person.

Nick also shares his “bankruptcy” story after the 2008 real-estate crash, some lessons he has learned as a result and his way forward. There is also some inspirational entrepreneurial talk between the two of us. Hope you will enjoy this interview.

Tweetable Quotes from this Interview!

Click to Tweet>>>> It doesn’t matter what industry you are in. As an entrepreneur, you are in sales.

Click to Tweet>>>> There’s always a rainy day but if you are prepared, you won’t get too wet.

Click to Tweet>>>> There is no genius work in success. It is about consistently taking actions.

People, Book Recommendations, and Resources of Interest Mentioned In This Interview

1. Amway

2. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

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